March 29, 2012

heavyweight cake

This knock-out cake was prepared for a going-away party. The recipient is a fan of UFC so the overall theme reflected this. Chocolate mud cake was carved into an octagon and covered with dark grey fondant. 

The cage was prepared by piping royal icing onto transfer sheets and allowing them to dry overnight. Then they were applied to the cake with royal icing to hold the panels in place. It's a good thing I made extras because I must have broken about 15 of them (and I only required 8). Royal icing would never survive in the octagon.

All the best to the fearless leader! 


March 16, 2012

olivia's pig

Baby Olivia celebrated her second birthday and to deliciously mark the occasion a cake was prepared in the likeness of her favourite cartoon namesake. 

Olivia in her ball gown was carved from a three tiered chocolate and cream cheese cake and covered in fondant. Her eyes were sculpted with gumpaste and held in place with wooden dowels.

I can't think of a more perfect pairing! Happy birthday, Olivia(s)!