August 15, 2012


A very thoughtful bride ordered a very special present for her groom-to-be for their very special day. The groom has a solid connection to sports, being a former goalie and football player. So, the bride asked for a groom's cake incorporating all his favourite sports!

The bottom tier was an almond and chocolate square cake decorated as the USC football field. Trojans and emblems adorned all sides, as well as yard markers and field goal posts sculpted from gumpaste. Piped buttercream grass covered the back edges of the cake. On top sat a cereal treat football.

On top of the football cake was the pumpkin and cream-cheese UFC octagon cake, similar to this one. The UFC logo and sponsor emblems were emblazoned on all 8 sides and the top was decked out with a sugar cage.   

The most detailed portion of the cake came from the sculpted hockey player. Made from gumpaste, this little goalie was placed front and centre, right in front of a fondant Toronto Maple Leafs jersey with the groom's last name. 

Lastly, as to reflect something the bride and groom shared together, a pair of Jay-Z/Kanye tickets from their show at the LA Staples Centre were included.

It was a big but awesome project! Congratulations to the happy couple.