April 29, 2012

blue jays

I love my city and this week's cupcake request was a great chance to show some pride. 

Three dozen chocolate and vanilla cupcakes were topped with white or blue vanilla buttercream. There were six topper designs in total, and the Blue Jays' logo was hand painted with petal dust. I had to channel my inner tenth grade art class artist to accomplish that task.

Let's hope this brings good karma to Toronto's team this season!


April 28, 2012


For the ultimate house music junkie:

A vanilla and cookie dough filled cake were decked out to look like a Technics turntable. The cake was pretty small (served 10) so to get all the detail in was quite a challenge! Gumpaste was used to sculpt the needle and dials and silver details were painted onto the record platform. 

Just call me DJ Kitchenaid. 


April 18, 2012

who do you wannabe?

This week Sweet&Splendid was asked to sponsor a charity event; specifically, a fundraiser/awareness campaign for the 519 Church Street Community Centre. They do great work for the community and their members/guests deserve a delicious thanks.

The event was Spice Girls-themed (and featured a Spice Girls tribute band) so to suit the occasion, I constructed a vanilla single-tier round cake and decked it out with a mod union jack design. In the centre I placed a cut-out of the organization's logo.

Around 100 guests were involved so in addition to the main cake, I also prepared some yummy vanilla mini-cupcakes with buttercream of varying colours and flavours. I'm partial to the pink bubble gum, myself.

The fundraiser earned a ton of money and I'm so happy we got to be a part of it! 


April 1, 2012

the big one

I love cupcakes. There isn't a flavour I've encountered that I haven't enjoyed (my attempt at a chocolate bacon cupcake, while bizarre, was still devoured mercilessly). My only complaint is that one is never enough. Except in this case.

This birthday cake was crafted to celebrate a 29th birthday. The birthday girl also celebrated some other big events, so these were reflected in the cake base too.

Chocolate mud cake (ganache filling, ganache coating) was carved and stacked to create this 20-serving cupcake. The cherry (my favourite part!) and sprinkles were made from gumpaste.

To emphasize the whimsical nature of the cake, the board was covered in a two-tone swirl of pastel blue and purple. A gumpaste diploma and engagement ring finished everything off.

Happy birthday and congratulations to the birthday girl!