June 10, 2011

from paris with love

While I've had many travels and seen much of Europe, I've never visited Paris. I know that my next trip over the pond will have to include it, because there's absolutely so much I would love to see and do: I dream of climbing the Eiffel tower; of walking under the Arc de Triomphe; of seeing the Mona Lisa; of savouring LaDuree macarons (clearly); and mostly... of trying on every shoe in the Christian Louboutin flagship store.

It's too bad you can't slide your toes into this peep-toe pump.

While these roses don't quite have the fragrance you'd find along the banks of the river Seine, they do have a hint of vanilla and a heck of a lot of sugar. Yum.

Until I take a trip to the epicentre of fashion and the birthplace of almond meringue cookies, I will just have to relish the replicas and homemade substitutes.