June 25, 2011

quilts and brushes

This chocolate and vanilla buttercream cake was made for a bridal shower.

The bride-to-be's favourite flower is the tulip, so I crafted a small bouquet out of gumpaste and painted them with orange, magenta and yellow petal dusts. 

I absolutely adore tulips and can't believe I never thought to try to make them out of sugar before. Here, they are attached to painted gumpaste stems tied together with black satin ribbon and resting atop the quilted cake.

Lastly, I made a dragee-bordered gumpaste decal to rest on the corner of the cake with the BTB's first initial. Congratulations to the bride on her upcoming nuptials!

I also had a request to replicate this cake for a sweet 16 birthday. Wanting to change it up a little bit, I modified the colours and added a gumpaste cutout of Van Gogh's Starry Night:

 The birthday girl's favourite colour is blue, so I played that up and added several tubes of blue paint and lots of blue buttercream on the palette. 

I added a few more tubes of paint and included the birthday girl's age in the paint tubes ("1" and "6" in the background).

Another busy day of baking!