April 30, 2011

some more

I got a chance to exercise my whimsical side by creating a cake for a bridal shower. 

The top tier was a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream, and the bottom tier was a strawberry shortcake with real fresh strawberries - I'm always hesitant to use whipped cream in cakes that aren't going to be consumed immediately, so I instead used strawberry buttercream to make sure the filling was delightful and fresh, and to differentiate it from the other tier.

I was also asked to bring a cake to a family birthday party. The birthday boy goes to school for business (specifically related to fashion merchandising) and wanted something related to jeans. I only had time to make a round cake, but I dressed it up as denim-y as possible.

Until next time!


April 28, 2011

round 3

I didn't realize how popular this cake would be, but here is the third sushi cake:

I was asked to make a small sushi cake to feed 6 (similar to one I did a few weeks ago here)but this time I included three maki pieces to compliment three pieces of nigiri.

Can't wait to make number 4!


April 23, 2011

easter treats

Happy Easter! To celebrate the holiday and the arrival of spring (and an addition to my arsenal of cake tools) I created two spring-inspired cakes, one for my family and one for the better half's family.

This chocolate cake was layered with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream (flavours at my mother's request), covered in a turquoise fondant and trimmed with gold satin ribbon and a pink closed peony. I also had wanted to try an open peony, so I made this cake:

This lemon cake was layered with fresh strawberry buttercream, covered in yellow fondant and trimmed with a white satin ribbon and a matching yellow peony. I wanted the cake to taste as light and fruity as possible to compliment the colours. Creating this peony was a little bit more difficult, as the petals kept wanted to "close" when I hung it up to harden. I'm still happy with the result, and I hope the family is too!

Have a happy Easter!


April 18, 2011

showers of happiness

This cake was made to celebrate the arrival of a little girl.

I didn't think much of it at the time, but these little booties turned out to be quite tricky. I've been told they're quite simple to assemble if you have a cutter that stamps out the pieces; I don't, and so I cut the pieces out by hand. I trimmed the edges with pink fondant and finished them off with little pink flowers and bows.

Congratulations to the mom-to-be :)


April 11, 2011

a busy weekend

Two fun baking adventures this weekend:


These cupcakes were for a bridal shower. The theme was butterflies and flowers with a green and brown palette (my favourite!). Each cupcake had a gumpaste butterfly with three small blossom flowers atop a generous helping of swiss meringue buttercream. I made three flavour combinations: 
a. chocolate-chocolate (brown on brown, with green decorations) (2.5 dozen)
b. chocolate-vanilla (brown on white, with green decorations) (1 dozen)
c. vanilla-vanilla (green on white, with chocolate decorations) (4.5 dozen)


I made the stand out of 10", 16", and 22"cake boards and 5" cake dummies wrapped in matching green fabric and trimmed with a chocolate brown ribbon (finally putting my glue gun to good use).  And of course it rained. And of course I forgot to bring my camera to take pictures of everything set up at the venue. Thankfully some kind folks took beautiful photographs for me!

The second project was a smaller version of a sushi cake I made a few weeks ago for my better half's birthday:


The 'sushi' are cake balls covered in vanilla buttercream and coated in coconut flakes, topped with fondant or dried fruit. This cake fed about 25; however this one was smaller and only needed to feed the guests at an intimate birthday dinner party. I opted to make a smaller bento box with six pieces of nigiri 'sushi' instead. 


I'm convinced the sushi look even better the second time around! I added a bit more detail to the egg sushi by incorporating texture, and replaced the fish eggs with a piece of red snapper. 


April 3, 2011


After almost eight years of studying the brain, it was only a matter of time until I made an edible model. It's too bad I didn't have this during my undergraduate neuroanatomy lab...

I couldn't capture every single sulcus or gyrus, but the corpus callosum is made of buttercream - the most delicious white matter there is.