February 10, 2012

SS2012 launch

Photograph by Lu Chau, Photagonist.ca

This week sweet&splendid got to be part of the Dr. Martens launch of their spring and summer 2012 collection of footwear! Growing up, the classic black shoes with yellow stitching were a staple of my teenage wardrobe. These days, they've got an array of colours, styles and patterns to choose from but the classic fit and durability are still a hallmark. To commemorate their iconic brand I provided confections for the party guests.

Dozens and dozens of chocolate cupcakes were each covered with a big dollop of vanilla buttercream and topped with an edible logo. 

Photograph by Lu Chau, Photagonist.ca

Also provided were decorated sugar cookes: classic rolled sugar cookies were iced with royal icing to emulate the iconic Dr. Martens shoes and boots. 

Photograph by Lu Chau, Photagonist.ca

It's not everyday sweet&splendid gets to be a part of a high-profile event (guests included TV and media personalities, fashion writers and amateur cupcake connoisseurs)  and I can't wait to see what we get involved with next.

Photograph by Lu Chau, Photagonist.ca