February 3, 2012


I've fallen a bit behind on the baking updates, so here is a brief catch up of what I've been up to lately!

1) The Human Genome (Cookie) Project 
Several years ago scientists completed a once seemingly impossible task: mapping the entire human genome, down to the last nucleotide base pair. This year I accomplished a seemingly ridiculous task: applying it to cookies.

My friend works for a research hospital and extracts a whole lot of DNA for her job. So naturally, DNA themed cookies were the most appropriate present for her. And what better excuse to combine baking and science?!

Sugar cookies were baked and topped with fondant and icing to create DNA birthday cookies. Above are an example of what might be obtained from a southern blot assay. Or combining sugar, butter, eggs and flour. Same thing, really. Also included in the gift pack were puzzle-y base pair cookies that matched up (A-T, C-G). University biology classes have come in handy in ways I never expected.

2) A sweet&splendid 16
This cake was created for a young lady celebrating a birthday milestone. Vanilla and chocolate cake was filled with caramel buttercream, covered in pink fondant and piped royal icing. This girl is glamorous and wanted a cake to match; so I added a gumpaste flower with Swarovski crystals in the centre. It was the sparkliest accessory I've ever created!

3) Crani-yums, round 2
This next cake was for a young woman's celebration of something very significant: remission from brain cancer. Chocolate cake was carved down and covered in rolled fondant to create a delicious brain that she and her friends and family (and not cancer) would get to enjoy. 

To learn more or to volunteer or donate to a worthy cause, visit http://www.conquercancer.ca.

There's always something to celebrate, what's your occasion?