April 1, 2012

the big one

I love cupcakes. There isn't a flavour I've encountered that I haven't enjoyed (my attempt at a chocolate bacon cupcake, while bizarre, was still devoured mercilessly). My only complaint is that one is never enough. Except in this case.

This birthday cake was crafted to celebrate a 29th birthday. The birthday girl also celebrated some other big events, so these were reflected in the cake base too.

Chocolate mud cake (ganache filling, ganache coating) was carved and stacked to create this 20-serving cupcake. The cherry (my favourite part!) and sprinkles were made from gumpaste.

To emphasize the whimsical nature of the cake, the board was covered in a two-tone swirl of pastel blue and purple. A gumpaste diploma and engagement ring finished everything off.

Happy birthday and congratulations to the birthday girl!