April 18, 2012

who do you wannabe?

This week Sweet&Splendid was asked to sponsor a charity event; specifically, a fundraiser/awareness campaign for the 519 Church Street Community Centre. They do great work for the community and their members/guests deserve a delicious thanks.

The event was Spice Girls-themed (and featured a Spice Girls tribute band) so to suit the occasion, I constructed a vanilla single-tier round cake and decked it out with a mod union jack design. In the centre I placed a cut-out of the organization's logo.

Around 100 guests were involved so in addition to the main cake, I also prepared some yummy vanilla mini-cupcakes with buttercream of varying colours and flavours. I'm partial to the pink bubble gum, myself.

The fundraiser earned a ton of money and I'm so happy we got to be a part of it!