May 23, 2011


I had wanted to try this out for quite some time and with another afternoon spent indoors due to inclement weather, I decided to give it a whirl. Neapolitan ice cream has been my favourite flavour (because there's three!) since I was a kid and I figured a macaron cookie would be a delightful way to capture the vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavours. The two shells are each vanilla and chocolate with a strawberry buttercream filling.

I used the same macaron recipe I always use except I added 10g cocoa powder to the dry ingredients for the chocolate shells. The buttercream was also my standard swiss meringue buttercream recipe with 1/4 cup pureed strawberries and 0.5mL strawberry extract added.

While this certainly aren't the most well-executed batch I've made (I think I overmixed the batter for the shells), I love the three colour combination and the flavour reminds me of ice cream. I'd conclude that it was a success and I encourage you to try it as well!