May 6, 2011

welcome baby

It's a boy!

 This weekend I was asked to provide cookies and cupcakes for a baby shower. The mother-to-be is having a little boy, so blue and white dominated this colour scheme. For half of the cookies, I made vanilla sugar cookies in the shape of baby onesies and decorated them in different shades of blue:

For the other half I made cookies in the shape of baby bottles.

After the icing had set, I packed them individually into cellophane baggies and attached a special greeting to each one. 

As for the cupcakes, I baked half vanilla and half chocolate all topped with vanilla buttercream and attached fondant cupcake toppers in different shades of blue with different baby-themed decorations. Here, we have baby footprints, bottles, pacifiers, bibs, teddies, and way off on the blurry right side of the image are individual blocks that spell "L-I-A-M". 

I had a ton of fun with these, even if my hands were left somewhat blue afterwards. Congratulations to the mommy-to-be :)