May 18, 2011

titika store opening

For the first time, I was asked to provide desserts for a corporate event! Titika clothing makes stylish, high performance athletic wear for women, and this past weekend they opened a new location! In addition to hosting a fashion show, the client wanted to serve a whole range of goodies to their new customers. The only request was that the logo be incorporated into the design.

I made miniature cupcakes with fondant toppers, onto which I applied Titika's logo printed on edible paper (I also made the cupcake stand).  

I also made vanilla sugar cookies with icing and edible logos. Because I forgot to take a picture of them set up at the venue, this is a photo taken while they were drying on my kitchen table. Oops!

Lastly, I provided a vanilla sheet cake in the shape of a shopping box featuring the logo and the company name prominently displayed. 

As a little something extra, I included a scaled-down version of the company's customer shopping bag! I made it out of crisped rice treats in order to achieve a perfectly shaped (and structurally stable) form. 

 Here's a close-up of the little bag. To polish off the cake, I cut out some blossoms and printed the company's motto on a fondant ribbon ("inspired by life"). 

I had such a great time preparing all the treats, which served about 200 people. The grand opening was a huge success! Congratulations on your new store, Titika!

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